Products and Services

With our products and services we support you fast and reliable. Whether in Germany, Europe or world wide, we are your partners with our services.

Developing solutions

With our many years of experience and a solid knowledge base we support you to develop and inspect concepts. Furthermore we join you on other issues regarding fire protection and organizational fire protection.

We capture and assess your risks

We record the actual condition of fire protection on your premises and propose appropriate measures.

We inspect and assess your fie protection system

We inspect your fire protection system complying with governmental regulations or to fire insurers regarding the degree of protection. We assess your fire protection system for your fire insurers.

We provide fire officers

You need support in the tasks of the fire officer. We provide you with a fire officer or assist your fire officer in implementing his/ her tasks.

Training and workshops

We train your company tailored to your needs.

In addition to structural and organizational fire protection our focus is especially on system-technical fire protection:

  • Water extinguishing system (sprinkler-, waterspray- and water mist systems)
  • gas extinguishing system (CO2, non liquefied inert gases, halocarbon gases)
  • fire detection and alarm system
  • smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system
  • spark extinguishing system
  • oxygen reduction system
  • fire-resisting closures
  • fire curtains